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I am freelance writer working under Greywits currently. I have some published works that you can get a look into. Most of my works are on contemporary business topics. I also have conducted some interviews. However I would like to explore more in this field with more opportunities. 

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Four Post Pandemic Trends For Small Businesses

Do you own a small business or are planning for one? Then you should keep up to date with some trends in a small business that is prevailing in 2020. Here are 4 trends of small businesses: Work from home is the new norm As the current pandemic prevails all around the world, people and businesses are conducting their activities over the internet and from home. This will be the new norm even after the pandemic is gone. As a result of the pandemic, we realized that many things can be done from ho

Great Leaders Make You Feel Safe

The age-old debate on what real leadership is has raised several conflicts over the years but what is it, really? In the military, people are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the other. In 2013, Captain William Swenson was awarded the Medal of Honor because of his actions of bravery in 2009. While in a duty of protecting some government officials, an ambush broke out and spread in three sides. Captain William Swenson ran into the fire to save lives and pull out the dead. Among everyone

Three Ways To Make The Best Of Unfair Reviews

Unfair and irrelevant reviews that are not related to the business activities are quite common on user-review websites and often create problems for organisations. So it makes us question how to deal with these reviews. Companies have different opinions on this. Some have even taken legal actions by calling out these reviewers and suing them for their irrelevant wishes and thoughts. However, there are also some of the organisations that took these reviews and their so-called flaws to transform t

Are the Customers Always Right?

‘Customers are always right’- but are they really? Originated in 1909, the phrase was introduced by Harry Gordon Selfridge to ensure and convince the customers that they will get good services from the business. Even though this has been the approach followed by many businesses since long ago, it is high time that we abandon this notion as this will only lead to the worst customer service. Here are the reasons why customers are not always right: Every business exists because of their customer

What do you need to be a Creative Marketer in this Generation?

Whenever marketing is mentioned people have the idea to associate it with images, illustrations, campaigns, and advertisements. This generation of marketing has changed all that prejudiced concepts. Over the times the definition of creativity in marketing has changed. Generation of Marketing also needs data analytics and marketers need to be more analytical and critical in their thinking process. In traditional business, it is said that business exists for customers and not the other way arou

Facebook Ads Boycott: Mark Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion as companies Boycott Facebook ads

After Unilever’s withdrawal from the advertising on Facebook on Friday, Facebook just got $7.2 million poorer. Unilever was one of the biggest advertisers on the social media platform and so their withdrawal resulted in a massive loss of shares for the company. Unilever followed the course of many other organizations that also decided to boycott Facebook ads. The shares of the social media company dropped to 8.3%. The drop in the share affected the share-price by eliminating $56 billion from th

Apex footwear: Apex footwear’s sales drop up to 50% in the Local Market due to Lockdown

Apex, a prestigious and one of the leading footwear businesses in Bangladesh, is suffering from the effects of the currently ongoing pandemic. The footwear and leather industry of Bangladesh, which is the country’s second-highest export earner, is highly affected because of the current situation. The recent drop in the sales of Apex footwear limited is an extreme example of how the pandemic is changing the industry immensely. The sales of the company have dropped by almost half, and many outlets

Relocation of Japanese companies: Can Bangladesh reap off the opportunity

Sony Corporation of Japan now wants to move its factory of making cameras, projectors, and video game PlayStations from China to another country. Sony has made its way into homes around the world by creating a wide range of electronic devices and parts, including cameras, televisions, and mobile phones. Not only Sony but also Toyota Bashoku Corporation, a Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota Bashoku Corporation, an electronic giant, and Panasonic, a watch manufacturer, Seiko, and Casio, which ar

Marketing: Next 20 Years of Marketing

The promotion of products to sell or buy them or the promotion of a service is referred to as marketing. Marketing is a way to introduce a product that is to be launched to the rest of the world. It helps to attract customers. Marketing is really important as it presents a product and attracts targeted customers to it. While other parts of a business are essential, marketing is no less. Marketing has equal priorities like any other. Some of the common and traditional ways are advertisements, pam


Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.

Hard Work Is The Key To Success: An Interview with Shahazada Kaky, Founder and CEO Of ParcelX

‘Hard work is the key to success’ – we are all very well acquainted with the proverb, and successful entrepreneurs live proof of that. Whatever you dream and whatever you want, there is only one thing you can do- that is to work hard. Mr. Shahazada Kaky is a person who believed in his dreams and worked hard for it. So, he was rewarded for his patience and determination. It was a great honor for me to get to know him and his journey so closely. This is for all the entrepreneurs out there- work ha

The Power Of Never Giving Up: An Interview With Arafatul Islam Akib, Founder Of Startup Chattogram

Entrepreneurship is not easy and the road to success has a lot of ups and downs. However, looking into the background of renowned and successful entrepreneurs you will realize how their will and determination and their ‘never give up on trying’ attitude has helped them to get to the position we see them in now. Arafatul Islam Akib, founder of Startup Chattogram is one of those persons. Even after life had thrown him a ton of hurdles, he overcame all of them with his willpower. Hope you are doin

Enhancing People's Productivity: An Interview with Md Sohan Haidear, Founder and CEO, Smartifier Academy

Career development can be a tricky thing. As a student myself, I feel this very often- how to develop myself and my career, what to do, and what not to. To help you build yourself and to show you your true potential Smartifier Academy was founded by Mr. Md Sohan Haidear. Recently he even launched a book for career development in bangle to help the students in their road to success. It was a privilege for me to get to know his amazing stories. Hope you can be inspired by his experiences and journ

An Interview with Sanzar Adnan Alam Who Introduced first-ever a Fantasy Sports Platform in Bangladesh

“I have learned people always don’t need the perfect solution but need it at the perfect time as well.” We may have the preconceived idea that entrepreneurship is all about finding the right solution but timing is also important as much. It was a great honor for me to get introduced with Mr. Sanzar Adnan Alam who is the founder of Bangladesh’s first-ever Fantasy Sports platform, Game Plan. He shared with us his experiences of being an entrepreneur, challenges that he faced, and his overall journ